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Heavy Duty Aquatic Nets - Product Details

Heavy Duty Aquatic Nets

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Catalog #7412D, Heavy-Duty-Aquatic-Net Catalog #7410R, 10-in-Round-Aquatic-net-bag Catalog #7210RR, Replacement-10-inch-HD-Aquatic-round-net-bag Catalog #7210TT, Replacement-10-inch-triangular-net-bag-w-hog-rings

Heavy duty, long lasting nets in this series are designed for use by benthologists and entomologists needing a strong net for fresh water collecting, scraping stream bottoms, collecting bottom dwelling organisms, or sweeping in thick vegetation.

Smooth, lacquered, hardwood, handles are 5 feet (152cm) long , 1-1/8" (2.9cm) diameter, permanently attached with epoxy adhesive to a 5/16" (.81cm) cadmium plated steel net ring. Nets are 70" (178cm) overall.

Net bags are made of heavy cotton and polyester canvas, stitched with non-rotting thread. They feature a white, 500-micron mesh Nytex screen bottom placed 8" (20cm) below the net rim. They also include a 4" (10cm) skirt to protect the mesh from snags and wear, have internal Nylon piping, and are secured to the ring by heavily plated hog rings. For collecting very small aquatic insects or other organisms, a DN bag with 150 micron mesh Nytex Nylon screen is available for use with the 7412D net.

Diameter for the 7410R round net bag, and length of the side of the 7410T triangular net bag is 10" (25cm). Flat side of the 7412D net bag measures 12" (30.5cm). Opening of the D shaped net permits simple insertion of collecting pan or other container. Replacement net bags with plated hog ring fasteners are available.

Nets weigh 3 lbs. Due to their length, they must be shipped by U.P.S., FedEx, or domestic Parcel Post; oversize (30 lb.) rate and $1.00 excessive length surcharge apply to these aquatic nets.

See 7512D for description of a two-piece model of the 12" diameter net that can be shipped via any type of carrier.

7412D Aquatic Net, 12" Dia. Bag, D Shape

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7412DN Aquatic Net, 12" Dia., D Shape Nylon Bag, 150 Mesh

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7410R Aquatic Net, 10" Dia. Bag, Round

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7410T Aquatic Net, 10" Diameter Bag, Triangular

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7212DD Aquatic Net Bag, 12" D Shape, w/Hog Rings

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7212DN Net Bag, 12", D Shape, Nitex, w/Hog Rings

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7210RR Aquatic Net Bag, 10" Round, with Hog Rings

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7210TT Aquatic Net Bag, 10" Triangular, w/Hog Rings

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