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Tropics Net - Product Details

Tropics Net

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Catalog #7324A, Tropics-Net-Handle-Segments-w-description

The Tropics Net is an original BioQuip design meeting space limitations of air travelers. It consists of six 2-foot aluminum segments that screw together to form a lightweight handle that extends up to 12 feet in length. The net ring is spring steel, 18" in diameter, and the net bag is white aerial netting.

When disassembled, the net is about 25" x 3", and fits compactly in a suitcase. It is intended for use in a vertical position to trap high flying insects. Use in a horizontal position at the full 12-foot length is not recommended.

This net offers the user great collecting versatility. The handle’s length can be varied by omitting or adding segments. When smaller ring sizes are desired, 7351A (12" diameter) or 7352 (15" diameter) rings may be used along with any 12" or 15" diameter net bag (sold separately). Collectors not requiring a 12-foot handle may order components needed to make up a shorter net.


  • Six 24" (61cm) segments, 3/4" (2cm) diameter
  • Anodized aluminum tubing and 7357 red plastic grip
  • Replacement segment connector screw 7324E is available.
  • Net Ring:

  • Zinc plated spring steel, 18" (46cm) diameter, 7353
  • Fastened to handle with red “T” knob screw, 7360
  • Net Bag:   

  • 18" (46cm) diameter, 38" (97cm) deep, 7218NA
  • Aerial, white netting, reinforced at top with sailcloth band
  • Net bag options include 12", 15" and 18" diameter bags in dark green netting 7218GR, extra soft white or sand netting 7218WA or 7218SA, or close-weave netting 7218FA for an additional charge
  • Use extreme caution when holding this net near electrical lines or when the potential for lightning may exist as this product is highly conductive to electricity.

    See also 7324D Tropics Net Tote Bag, a convenient storage and travel companion to the Tropics Net.

    7324 Tropics Net, Complete, 12' Handle, 18" Dia. Bag

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    7324A Tropics Net Handle, Top Segment w/ T-Knob

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    7324B Tropics Net Handle, Middle Segment, 2 Ft.

    $17.41 Add this product to cart

    7324C Tropics Net Handle, Bottom Segment, w/ Grip

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