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Plankton Netting - Product Details

Plankton Netting

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Catalog #7290B, Plankton-Netting-80-Microns Catalog #7291B, Plankton-Netting-150-Microns Catalog #7292B, Plankton-Netting-210-Microns Catalog #7293B, Plankton-Netting-300-Microns Catalog #7294B, Plankton-Netting-500-Micron

Nitex® screen is a Swiss precision-woven Nylon monofilament used for collecting plankton and other small aquatic organisms, measuring particulate matter, and filtering procedures. This white netting is lightweight and flexible, with good memory characteristics. It can be autoclaved.

The square weave pattern of plankton netting provides a straight-through flow path with a relatively high percentage of open surface area. It is ideal for sifting and filtration applications requiring a highly permeable media. Simplicity of the pattern minimizes blinding and facilitates cleaning.

The four mesh sizes listed below meet requirements for many field and lab applications, including nets, plankton samplers, traps and sieves. Nylon screening fabric is 40" (102 cm) wide, sold by the yard.

Minimum purchase 2 yards.

Cat. No. mesh opening open area % mesh count thread dia. fabric thickness Price
7290B 80µ - .0031" 42 206 per inch 43µ 75µ

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7291B 150µ - .0060" 51 121 per inch 60µ 110µ

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7292B 210µ - .0083" 36 73 per inch 140µ 255µ

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7293B 300µ - .0118" 50 60 per inch 123µ 200µ

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7294B 500µ - .0197" 47 35 per inch 230µ 425µ

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