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Euparal Mounting Medium - Product Details

Euparal Mounting Medium

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Catalog #6372A, Euparal-Mounting-Medium

Euparal mounting medium is specifically intended for wholemounts of small-bodied insects such as mosquito larvae, aphids, or thrips taken directly from 95% alcohol. It is a permanent synthetic substitute for Canada Balsam, but imparts a slight clearing action. Packed in amber glass bottles.

*Please note that some chemicals used in the formulation of this product might react with the rubber stopper used in the dropping pipette, when provided.  A polyseal cap has been provided to extended storage.

We no longer carry Euparal Essence which can be used as a thinning agent for Euparal Mounting Medium.

Euparal is flammable, and can only be shipped by UPS or FedEx ground service, to destinations within the U.S.

We also offer alternatives to Euparal, each has different properties thus different mounting qualities.

6370 Slide Mounting Medium - Limited supply. A resin dissolved in Xylene. Similar to Canadian Balsam.

6371A PVA Mounting medium - Imparts a clearing action in mounted specimens, similar to Euparal.  Used the same way as Euparal, but water based as opposed to solvent based.

6372A Click here for product MSDS, instructions. This item is currently unavailable or has been discontinued.

6372B This item is currently unavailable or has been discontinued.