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Ant Farms - Product Details

Ant Farms

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Catalog #5115, Ant-Farm-Display-Package Catalog #5115, Uncle-Miltons-Ant-Farm Catalog #5116, Giant Ant Farm

Well-designed, slender, clear plastic habitats in which ants tunnel under a barn and windmill, popular with children for over 50 years. Certificate can be mailed to Ant Farm manufacturer to receive tube of live harvester ants, which, unlike many insects, work in the daylight so their activity can be observed during classroom or other daytime hours. Clean tunneling sand and Ant Watcher's Manual come packed in each Ant Farm. Ages 6 and up.

Ant Farm - 6" high x 9" wide (15 x 23 cm); several can be connected to build multiple ant farms. Complete with two-foot lear flexible Antway Tube, four Antports.

Giant Ant Farm - 10" high x 15" wide (25 x 38 cm); large viewing surface for group watching. Complete with year’s supply of ant food and liquid feeder.

Refill Kit for Giant Ant Farm - Contains:

  • 1 bag of sand
  • 1 tube of ant food
  • 1 coupon for tube of ants (approximately 30 ants)

  • Orders cannot be shipped outside the U.S.

    IMPORTANT: Adult supervision is recommended in setting up and maintaining your Ant Farm®. Please follow the instructions provided with your ants and Ant Farm®. Harvester ants can bite or sting to protect themselves if touched or handled directly. If you know you are allergic or hypersensitive to insect bites or stings, extra caution should be taken in setting up and maintaining your Ant Farm®.

    5115 Ant Farm, 9" Wide x 6" High

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    5116 Giant Ant Farm

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    5116RF * Giant Ant Farm Refill Kit

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