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A Visual Guide with 230 Photos - Product Details

A Visual Guide with 230 Photos
by Douglas D. Copeland

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Catalog #4087, Beetles-of-Arizona Catalog #4087, sample-page-7 Catalog #4087, sample-page-25 Catalog #4087, sample-page-40 Catalog #4087, sample-page 49

2011, 60 pages, color photos. This convenient guide provides the initial step in identifying beetles found in the Santa Rita Mountains, Huachuca Mountains and other areas in Arizona. Scientific and common names, length, and area or county location are noted for each beetle.

All insects are photographed without any shadows. This allows the focus of attention to be on the characteristics of the beetle and to avoid other background visual distractions.  Many beetles have three views, i.e., top, side and front. Most of the photos are from Insects of the Southwest, #4035, also produced by Douglas Copeland.

The book has two indexes: one is a species index with the scientific names, and the other is a picture index with a top view of the beetle and its corresponding page number in the book. Also included are directions for building a Live Beetle Viewer with two paper cups.

Self-published, printed on high quality paper; wire coil binding; 5-1/2 x 8-1/2".

4087 Copeland, Beetles of Arizona, A Visual Guide

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