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by George Michael van der Poorten & Nancy E. van der Poorten

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Catalog #3600, The-Butterfly-Fauna-of-Sri-Lanka-cover Catalog #3600, pg-287-the-Swallowtails Catalog #3600, Chapter-5-Skippers Catalog #3600, Typical-species-page-140 Catalog #3600, pg-85-The-Skippers Catalog #3600, pg-163-Greens-Silvertine Catalog #3600, pg-315-the-Whites-and-Yellows Catalog #3600, Painted-Sawtooth_8109 Catalog #3600, Indian-Awl-King_4779 Catalog #3600, Ceylon-Cerulean_0370 Catalog #3600, Blue-Oak-leaf_4481 Catalog #3600, Gaudy-Baron_Egg_4562 Catalog #3600, pg-382-Lavae Catalog #3600, Ceylon-Tree-Nymph_larva_0389 Catalog #3600, Common-Indian-Crow_Pupa_5328

2016, 424 pages, over 3000 color photos, map.  This comprehensive, generously illustrated work describes and discusses the lives of all 247 species of butterflies in Sri Lanka. It illustrates the adults of both sexes with color photographs taken in the field. Additionally, the egg, larva and pupa of each species whose life history is known are illustrated. Several images portray rare species and behaviors that have not been documented previously.

The first chapters cover the history of the study of butterflies in Sri Lanka and their biogeography, classification, morphology, distribution, and conservation. The major portion of the book features an account of each species. Coverage of each species details identification, similar species, status, distribution, habitat, adult behavior, immature stages, larval food plants, and, for threatened species, conservation concerns.

Supplemental material includes an annotated species list with the common name, scientific name and authorities, endemic status, and distribution by climatic zone, as well as a list of larval food plants and adult nectar sources. Of special interest are the appendices with photos of eggs, larvae and pupae. The book also includes a bibliography, a glossary and an index of the scientific and common names of the butterflies.

This outstanding book is a complete reference and the essential guide to the butterfly fauna of Sri Lanka. Hardcover; 8-3/4 x 11-1/4".

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