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Universal Black Light Traps - Product Details

Universal Black Light Traps

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Catalog #2851A, Bucket Lid Funnel set complete Catalog #2851T, 12W AC Universal Light Trap w  2851A Bucket set Catalog #2851T, Vane-set-assembled Catalog #2851T, 12W U-shaped tube 120 VAC Contents Catalog #2851U, 12W DC Universal Light Trap w  2851A Bucket set Catalog #2851L, Vane-set-assembled Catalog #2851M, 22W DC Light Trap complete with Bucket set Catalog #2851M, 22W-DC Collecting-light-contents Catalog #2851M, with-bucket-2851D-insert-and-main-2851A-bucket Catalog #2851M, set-up-with-bucket-and-insert Catalog #2851M, assembled-with-2851A-and-2851D-insert. Catalog #2851J, Collecting Bag Attached to Funnel Catalog #2851D, Bucket Insert showing from bottom Catalog #2851B, Replacement Funnel & J Collecting Bag Catalog #2851C, Replacement Lid Catalog #2807W, 12W-Black-Light-Tube-replacement Catalog #2807C, 22W-BL-Circline-bulb Catalog #2851K, 15 watt Vane-Set Catalog #2851K, 15 watt Vane-Set-assembled

These versatile traps are engineered to facilitate a wide variety of adaptations and conditions required for night collecting of insects. Two styles of fluorescent black lights, and choice of AC or DC power make this a truly universal trap. Photoelectric switches (2833A and 2833B) and the #2835 12-volt DC timer, which permit trap operation when the user is not present, are effective enhancements to the traps. Only those components best suited for the userís specialized application need to be purchased. The basic component is the 2851A, consisting of the following five parts:
  • 3-1/2 gallon polypropylene bucket, 10-1/2" (26.7 cm) high
  • 12" (30 cm) diameter; smooth surfaced, lightweight funnel custom spun of .035 aluminum narrows to a 1-1/2" (3.81 cm) diameter opening at the small end. The top edge fits the lip of the bucket.
  • Aluminum lid with loop carrying handle
  • 4-way bungee cord assembly
  • Rain drain, mounted in hole on side of the bucket, near the bottom; plug supplied to close opening when rain drain is not needed
The funnel can be waxed, polished or teflon-coated for additional smoothness. Collected specimens falling through bottom of the funnel may be collected in a jar containing 1183B alcohol, 1186A Propylene Glycol or in a 2851J mesh collecting bag; or a 1196 DDVP pest strip used as a killing agent may be placed in the lower portion of the bucket.

Fluorescent black light tubes are used to attract a wide variety of insects are arranged in the trap to permit 360į visibility. Two types, plus a third adaptation are available:

  • The 12-watt ĎUí-shaped tube is entirely visible when the trap is in operation. This black light is both space and power efficient.
  • The 22-watt Circline black light tube is mounted on top of acrylic vanes under the trapís lid. It provides greater attracting ability than the 12-watt model but uses more electrical power for operation.
  • With the addition of the 2851K vane set it is possible to add any of out 15-watt collecting lights to this trap configuration using either 2805 -12DC, 2804 -AC/ DC or 2806 -110AC voltage for a wider collecting window.

Traps are powered either by 120-volt AC 60 Hz (North American) electrical current, or 12-volt DC current such as used in most vehicles or a 12V power pack battery, such as the 2861 or the larger 2863. Appropriate AC or DC electrical connectors are provided. DC units have a cigarette lighter plug and if using a posted type battery you will need a 2815A Pigtail Adapter. Ballasts are hung on the outside of the bucket, and may be protected from moisture by a plastic bag.

Lights are mounted on three-part clear acrylic vanes that also support the lid and provide baffling for incoming insects.

Because all components can be packed inside the Universal Light Trap, these compact units are conveniently stored or transported to and from collecting locations. Average weight of a complete trap* is five pounds.

To avoid the inconvenience of dismantling the trap to retrieve insects collected at the bottom, a bucket insert 2851D (top half of white bucket used in the 2851A) is available. Trap components (funnel, vanes, light and lid) are assembled on the bucket insert and secured with assembly cord. This unit is simply removed intact from the trap's bucket for easy access to the catch, then replaced once the catch has been removed.

*A complete trap consists of the following items;

  • 2851A
  • One of the following; 2851T, 851U, 2851L, 2851M or 2851K + 2804, 2805 or 2806.
  • A power source, either 12V DC current or 110AC/DC.
2851A Click here for product MSDS, instructions. Universal Light Trap, Lid, Funnel, Drain, Cord

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2851T Click here for product MSDS, instructions. 12 Watt U-Shape Black light Tube, Ballast,Vanes,120 VAC

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2851U Click here for product MSDS, instructions. 12 W. U-Shape Black Light Tube, Ballast,Vanes,12 VDC

$112.20 Add this product to cart

2851L Click here for product MSDS, instructions. 22 Watt Ballast Circline tube. Tube, Ballast, Vanes, 120 VAC

$142.68 Add this product to cart

2851M Click here for product MSDS, instructions. 22 Watt Circline Tube Ballast, Cord 12 VDC

$137.84 Add this product to cart

2851J Mesh Collecting Bag for Black Light Traps

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2851D Universal Light Trap, Bucket Insert

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2851B Aluminum Funnel, Replacement, 2851A

$34.39 Add this product to cart

2851C Aluminum Lid, Replacement, 2851A

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2851F Rain Drain, Bl Trap

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2851VU 12 Watt Black Light Trap Vanes

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2851VM 22 Watt Black Light Trap Vanes

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2807W 12 W Replacement U-Shaped BL Tube for #2851T & U Lights

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2807C 22 W. Bl Circline Tube for #2851 Traps

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2851K Vane Set, 15 Watt, For use with 2804, 2805 or 2806 collecting light

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