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CDC Mini Light Trap with Incandescent Light - Product Details

CDC Mini Light Trap with Incandescent Light

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Catalog #2836BQ, CDC-Light-Trap-complete Catalog #2836BQ, CDC-Mini-Light-Trap-w-Incandescent-components Catalog #2836BQ, CDC-Light-Trap- Catalog #2836L, 4W6V 2836 Replacement Bulb

BioQuip has developed and manufactures a superior version of the CDC miniature light trap.

The heavy duty ABS black trap cover is 13" (33 cm) in diameter.  A 3-foot polypropylene cord is provided for hanging. The trap body is fabricated from 3-1/2" (9 cm) acrylic tubing, and features stainless steel supports and screen.  It has a 4-watt CM-47 incandescent light bulb with an average life of 2,000 hours.  An 8-foot (2.4 m) DC power cord with standard spade tip connectors is supplied for spaded battery connections.  The motor and light draw 320 mAmps. The unit requires a 6V DC power supply or battery (not included).

BioQuip's unique design features include a self-closing, clear film air gate. The air gate prevents escape of collected specimens in the event of power loss. It also allows for use of a timing device in collecting samples without being on site to start or stop trap operation. There is a minimal increase on motor current draw with this design.  The air gate is an extra charge option from other CDC trap manufacturers.

The No-See-Um fine mesh collecting bag with ripstop nylon skirt, 2801B, is supported by a large rubber O-ring, fitted into a groove at the bottom of the acrylic tube. A draw string allows specimens to be contained in the bag safely. (BioQuip 2809B InsectaVac aspirator can be inserted into the bag to remove specimens. The bag can then be reattached to the trap.)  The collection cup is a 16-ounce polypropylene jar with a 40x40 aluminum screen vented bottom and modified lid. An extra plain lid is provided to seal the jar.

The trap weighs only 1.5 lbs (.6 kg).

BioQuip's 6 volt DC gel cell battery 2860 is recommended for use with this trap. To keep the battery charged and ready for use, see 2865 battery charger.

For applications where a narrower range of light frequencies is desired, see 2848BQ. It is supplied with a 4-watt UV black light incandescent tube.

NSN:  3740-01-106-0091

2836BQ Click here for product MSDS, instructions. This item is currently unavailable or has been discontinued.

2836L Replacement Bulb, 4 Watt CM47, 6 V, for 2836BQ

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2836BQC 6 VDC Power Supply, 110/220 Volt Input, 1.25 amp

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