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GAT Trap - Product Details

GAT Trap

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BioQuip is a U.S. distributor for the Biogents GAT Trap (Gravid Aedes Trap) introduced in 2015.  This economical standing trap was designed to collect gravid Aedes mosquitoes looking for a safe place to oviposit (lay) their eggs after taking a blood meal and resting while their eggs develop.  Female mosquitoes are attracted by a hay infusion scent coming from the bottom of the trap.  Once inside the plastic collecting chamber, mosquitoes try to escape upward through the translucent chamber, where they are exposed to a sticky card, cooking oil, or insecticide, and die there.

A black mesh barrier prevents mosquitoes from reaching the infused water in the bottom of the trap and they are unable to lay their eggs.  This is a passive trap and therefore, no power supply or COČ is required.

The GAT trap is available in a pack of two (2797), which includes one pack of 10 sticky cards, or a case of 12 (2797CS) which includes 60 sticky cards (6 packs of 10 cards). Cooking oil and insecticide are not included.  Methods for using the trap are as follows:

1) Place a sticky card into the special slot in the black funnel of the collecting chamber.  As mosquitoes fly around the chamber, they land on and stick to the card. Packages of 20 sticky cards 2797A, coated with a specialized dry adhesive, are sold separately, see below. If you have older traps that do not have the special slot in the black funnel, Sticky trap cards can be hung inside the trap with sticky card hooks, 2797H, available separately.

2) Spread a thin film of a vegetable cooking oil such as canola on the inside of the chamber.  The oil "wets" the wings of the mosquitoes, making flight impossible.  Using canola or other vegetable oil in spray can form is a convenient way to apply the oil.  Avoid using light or flavored oils such as olive, sesame or walnut oils as they may discourage trap entry.

3) Apply a residual surface spray insecticide to the inner wall of the translucent chamber to kill mosquitoes through contact.  This method should be used only by authorized professionals. Suggestions for insecticide use are included in the instruction manual.  (BioQuip does not sell insecticides.)

2797H Card holder hooks are used to hold sticky cards inside the older style GAT trap.  The perforated circle on the clear top of the trap is removed to create a hole for the holder.  The card is hung from the inside of the trap before the netting is applied to the upper portion of the trap. These are only needed if you have GAT traps purchased in previous seasons.

This product is ideal for large scale sampling, for determining mosquito population spread, for effective control, and for providing important information to mosquito specialists and control managers.  Weight: 1.3 lb. (600 g); dimensions: 10.6 x 15" (27 x 38 cm).

Click here to view the complete instruction manual.  

Please note: The odor of the new plastic used in the trap body may have a repellent effect on mosquitoes.  Biogents recommends storing GAT traps outside with some water for two weeks before using them in the field to eliminate the odor.


2797 Click here for product MSDS, instructions. Biogents GAT Trap, pack of 2

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2797CS This item is currently unavailable or has been discontinued.

2797A Biogents GAT Sticky Card, pack of 20

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2797H GAT Trap Sticky Card Holder Hook

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