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Alcohol-Proof Labeling Pen - Product Details

Alcohol-Proof Labeling Pen

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Catalog #1154E, Pima-Pens-3-sizes Catalog #1154J, Pima-Pen-Set-Black Catalog #1154K, Pigma-Pen-Color-Set-of-6 Catalog #1154A, Gelly-Roll-Pen

Pigma labeling pens supply a waterproof, alcohol proof, quick-drying ink. This line of pens has become an accepted, valuable tool for the working biologist. Ink does not feather or bleed, and is smear-proof when dried. It is fade-proof against sunlight or UV light. Pens do not clog or dry out, unlike most technical pens, and are excellent for labels being duplicated by copy machines.

Pigma pens are available in numerous fine point sizes and permanent colors, either in sets of 6 pens, or singly in black and red.

Please note, these pens are designed for writing or labeling on paper. They will write on plastic & glass but are not permanent or waterproof on these materials.

Cat. No. Color Point size Price
1154E Pigma pen black .20 mm, #005

1154F Pigma pen black .25 mm, #01

1154G Pigma pen red .20 mm, #005

1154H Pigma pen red .25 mm, #01

1154J Pigma set of 6 pens black .20, .25, .30, .35, .45, .50 mm

1154K Pigma color set of 6 pens black, brown, purple, green, red, blue .25 mm (#01)

1154A Pigma pen black jelly roll

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