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1135A Aspirator - Product Details

1135A Aspirator

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Catalog #1135A, Standard-Aspirator Catalog #1135A, Aspirator-Components

This widely used aspirator fits easily into a pocket, and facilitates capture of insects too small to be picked up with forceps. Intake and exhaust tubes are aluminum, and the mouthpiece is 1/4" (6mm) natural latex tubing. The exhaust tube is protected with fine 220 mesh nylon to limit inhalation of foreign matter.

Two 9-dram clear styrene tubes with snap-on caps, 1 x 2-3/4" I.D. (25.2 x 68mm), are supplied as containers. Additional or replacement tubes 8909 are available.

As a safety precaution, BioQuip recommends using the #1135Y HEPA filter with this aspirator.

Also see 1135X aspirator syringe bulb. It allows users to aspirate specimens without inhaling particulate matter.

1135A Aspirator

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