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Hastings Magnifiers - Product Details

Hastings Magnifiers

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Catalog #1128E, Hastings-10X-Magnifier

Highly corrected Bausch & Lomb Triplets provide the best image quality available in hand lenses. Three separate optical glass lenses, bonded together to form a compound lens, provide sharp, very distinct magnified images. Lens sides are coated black to block out all glare. Swing-away nickel plated case protects lens and serves as a handle.

The high-quality optics in Bausch & Lomb magnifiers have been renowned for over 110 years.  Lenses are made from pure optical glass, free of internal flaws, and lens surfaces are finished to precision optics standards without wave or other surface defects that could distort images.

Cat. No. Lens size Price
1128E Hastings magnifier, 10X, Focus: 1.0" (25.4mm) .63" (15.8mm)

1128G Hastings magnifier, 14X, Focus: .7" (19.9mm) .50" (12.5mm)

1128F Hastings magnifier, 20X, Focus: .5" (13.2mm) .33" (8.3mm)