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Adjustable Spreading Board - Product Details

Adjustable Spreading Board

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Catalog #1021, Adjustable-Spreading-Board

This unique, adjustable spreading board is unmatched in ease of use and versatility. Angled pinning surfaces are select balsa, 2-1/2" (6.6cm) wide x 1/4" (.64cm) thick, fastened internally to a sturdy, vacuum-formed plastic base. The base is cemented to a rigid hardboard floor to avoid warping, provide rigidity and resistance to pressure.

A plastazote foam strip, 3/8" (.95cm) thick, is inserted in the center pinning groove, which is adjustable from 0" to 3/4" (1.9cm). Width is changed by pushing the balsa strips across the smooth surfaces to the desired width. Adjusting screws increase or decrease resistance as needed, or lock width into position.

Balsa pinning strips are resurfaced by wiping with wet, soapy sponge to close pin holes, then smoothing with fine grit sandpaper when dry.

Overall length is 14-1/2" (36.8 cm); overall width is 5" (17.2 cm).

1021 This item is currently unavailable or has been discontinued.