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More details. BUG LAB FOR KIDS
Family-Friendly Activities for Exploring the Amazing World of Beetles, Butterflies, Spiders, and Other Arthropods
by John W. Guyton
2018, 144 pages, 75 color photographs and 125 color illustrations.

Your bug adventure starts here! Bug Lab for Kids is a collection of more than 40 enjoyable activities for exploring the exciting world of arthropods, which makes up more th... more details

9017 Guyton, Bug Lab For Kids

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A Whole Language Resource Guide for K - 4
by Seddon K. Beaty & I. Fountas
1993, 200 pages, illustrated, + 22 x 34" color poster. Thematic approach to learning offers children ages 5 - 9 an opportunity to explore and enjoy butterflies. Contains rich collection of information, experiences, reproducible pages, and resources ... more details
3313 Beaty, Butterflies Abound!

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More details. THE PILLBUG PROJECT: A guide to investigation
by Robin Burnett
1992, 100 pages, line drawings. Pillbugs, sow bugs, rolypolies, isopods — whatever you call them, are an easily accessible animal ideal for introducing elementary grade students to the investigative process directly from the natural world around them... more details
9435B Burnett, the Pillbug Project

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An Exploration of Countries,
Cultures, and Creatures
A Learning Center for Secondary School Students
by James L. Castner
1999, 109 pages. Provides step-by-step plans to make 10 learning stations on the Amazon rainforest, including geography, biodiversity, economic botany, rainforest destruction, and more. Presents activities in an engaging, interactive manner. Centers ... more details
4097 Castner, Amazon Rainforest

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by Anna B. Comstock
1986 (originally published 1911), 887 pages, b/w photos & drawings. Re-issue of classic natural history guide for teachers and others seeking information about their natural environment. Encompasses all living things common in northeastern states, pl... more details
9970B Comstock, Handbook of Nature Study

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More details. LET’S GO BUGGY
The Ultimate Family Guide to Insect Zoos and Butterfly Houses
by Troy Corley
2002, 224 pages, b/w illustrations. Family guide to insect zoos, insectariums, butterfly houses, exhibits, and festivals featuring live bugs you can see, touch, and smell. Details on more than 150 locations in the U.S. and Canada where you can hear a... more details
9770 *Corley, Let's Go Buggy! Ultimate Family Guide

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More details. SHARING NATURE WITH CHILDREN, second edition
by Joseph B. Cornell
1998, 172 pages, b/w photos & drawings. Classic parents’ and teachers’ guide to help children experience the outdoor world through their senses. Contains 50 natural-awareness games and activities requiring no special education or expensive equipment.... more details
9512B Cornell, Sharing Nature with Children, Rev. Ed

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More details. GEMS (Great Explorations in Math & Science) TEACHER’S GUIDES
by Jean C. Echols, et al.
GEMS Teacher’s Guides are considered the best of hands-on, guided discovery activities for young children. They were developed and tested at the Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, and use easily accessible and inexpensive materials. ... more details
3314 * Echols, Hide a Butterfly

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3316 * Echols, Buzzing a Hive

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More details. THE GOLDEN BUG
The Story of the Red Cochineal, second edition
2000, 50 pages, b/w photos & illustrations. For a project at Century High School, Alhambra, California, Michelle Leddel’s students studied the history and life cycle of the cochineal insect, whose carmine red dye is used in art, food, medicine, and ... more details
9684 Golden Bug, Story of the Red Cochineal 2E

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by Ethel Hanauer
Unabridged republication of Biology for Children, 1962, 96 pages, over 100 illustrations. Enables children to perform 77 experiments and demonstrations illustrating important scientific principles. Guide includes step-by-step instructions, dia... more details
9776 Hanauer, Biology Experiments for Children

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More Than 100 Hands-On Science Experiments for Children
by Sally Kneidel
2015, 240 pages, b/w photos & drawings throughout. From monarch butterflies to hissing cockroaches, this excellent book shows teachers and parents how to use bugs, insects and critters to teach children the five steps of the scientific method: quest... more details
8985B Kneidel, Creepy Crawlies & the Scientific Method

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More details. HANDS-ON NATURE
Information and Activities for Exploring the Environment with Children
revised and expanded edition
Jenepher Lingelbach & Lisa Purcell, editors
2000, 336 pages, 23 b/w photos, 196 drawings. Well-designed “how-to” manual uses local fields, woods, parks and backyards for fun activities that sharpen kids’ environmental awareness. Covers adaptations, habitats, cycles, designs of nature, earth an... more details
9538B Lingelbach, Hands-On Nature 2/E, Paper

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More details. WOWBUGS: New Life for Life Science
by Robert W. Matthews, et al.
1996, 318 pages, b/w illustrations throughout. Meet the WOWBug, Melittobia digitata. Found worldwide, this little parasitic wasp is harmless, user-friendly, and easy to rear and maintain. Its 17-day life cycle, fascinating behavior, and stran... more details
3570 Matthews, Wowbugs: New Life for Life Sci

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More details. MONARCHS IN THE CLASSROOM, third edition, revised
by Karen S. Oberhauser & Liz Goehring
2014, 235 pages, b/w photos, drawings, reproducibles. Three interdisciplinary, inquiry-based classroom curriculum guides focus on living monarchs in the classroom or tagging wild individuals, but some lessons can be done without living monarchs. Each... more details
4058 Oberhauser, K-2 Monarch Classroom Curriculum

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4059 Oberhauser,Grades 3-6 Monarch Classrm.Curr

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4060 Oberhauser, Middle Sch. Monarch Classroom.Curric.

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by Ami Thompson
2013, 76 pages, color photos, b/w drawings. Discover teaching with dragonflies! This well-designed and simple-to-use curriculum guide includes 17 hands-on dragonfly activities with ready-to-go handouts incorporating science, art, language arts, math... more details
4129 Thompson, Dragonfly Curriculum Guide

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