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More details. 100 PLANTS TO FEED THE BEES
Provide a Healthy Habitat to Help Pollinators Thrive
by The Xerces Society
Eric Lee-Mäder, Jarrod Fowler, Jillian Vento, and Jennifer Hopwood
2016, 240 pages. The international bee crisis is threatening our global food supply, but this user-friendly field guide shows what you can do to help protect our pollinators. The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation offers browsable profiles ... more details
5384 Xerces, 100 Plants to Feed the Bees

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More details. WASPS
The Astonishing Diversity of a Misunderstood Insect
by Eric R. Eaton
2021, 256 pages, 150 color photos. Wasps are far more diverse than the familiar yellowjackets, and hornets that harass picnickers, and build nests under the eaves of our homes. These amazing, mostly solitary creatures thrive in nearly every habitat o... more details
9946 Eaton, Wasps: The Astonishing Diversity of a Misunderstood Insect

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More details. WASPS
Their Biology, Diversity, and Role as Beneficial Insects and Pollinators of Native Plants
by Heather Holm
2021, 416 pages; 1000+ color photos, maps. Wasps is the first full-color, illustrated guide of its kind. It features approximately 150 species of flower-visiting wasps occurring in eastern North America. It also covers the specific native plan... more details
3303 Holm, Wasps

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