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Fandex Family Field Guide - Product Details

Fandex Family Field Guide
by Sarah Goodman & Louis N. Sorkin

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Catalog #9812, Bug-Fandex Catalog #9812, Bugs-Fandex

2009, 48 cards, color throughout. Insects are a favorite subject of kids, nature lovers, and collectors. Take full advantage of Fandex's unique die-cut format to celebrate 48 different species of arthropods.

Meet South America's Hercules Beetle, as big as a dollar bill and the strongest creature on earth, able to lift 850 times its body weight. (That's like a 100-pound person lifting four school buses!) The Black Widow Spider, whose females, contrary to reputation, rarely eat their mates. And the wonderfully bizarre Walking Stick, sometimes called "Frankenstick" for its ability to reattach its own severed head. Plus Treehoppers and Leafhoppers, centipedes and millipedes, stealthy Assassin Bugs, and twelve thousand varieties of ants.

Every card includes a detailed description, habitat and scientific name, lore, field notes on lifecycle, identifiers, and size, as well as sidebars covering topics such as the fly's ability to walk upside-down and how bees make honey. 4-1/4 x 10-3/4".

9812 Goodman, Fandex: Bugs Family Field Guide

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