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by David Beadle & Seabrooke Leckie

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2012, 624 pages, color photos throughout. There are thousands of moth species in northeastern North America.  While it might seem that they are all drab grays and browns, there is actually a startling variety. They come in a rainbow of colors, from brilliant oranges and pinks to soft greens and violets. There are moths with colorful leopardlike spots, and ones that look more like B-movie aliens; some that are as large as your hand, and others the size of a grain of rice.

More than 1500 species are described and illustrated in the guide. Photographs are all of living specimens in natural poses.  The guide covers an area that goes north to Nova Scotia, south through Maryland and west into the Eastern Dakotas.  It very fully covers the Great Lakes Region.

This guide is a comprehensive resource for both amateur and experienced moth collectors and watchers. It is set up like the Peterson bird guides - what you are reading about is pictured on the opposite page. Description headings include scientific and common names, flight period shown in a bar graph, size, description, host plant, and brood habits. There are range maps for macros but not for micros. However, all micro lep descriptions are included.

Introductory chapters cover trapping moths, moth biology and photographing moths. There is also a checklist. The index is searchable by either common or scientific name. The clear photographs use the unique Peterson arrow system for easy identification. Paperback; 4-1/2 x 7-1/4".

   About the Authors -
It was while working at a bird observatory that David Beadle became interested in moths, an interest that soon grew to an all-consuming passion. He lives in Toronto, Ontario, and has photographed more than 2,000 species of moths in that province alone. In addition to his work with moths, David has contributed to over 30 books and many journals.

Seabrooke Leckie - "Iíve lived with nature my entire life, and, following this interest, went to university for biology. After several years as a traveling field ornithologist, I began to turn my focus to a (hopefully) more stable home-based freelance career in writing. I live with my longtime boyfriend, our two dogs, and three cats in a log home on 130 acres located west of Perth, Ontario."

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