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Birds of Southern California - Product Details

Birds of Southern California
by Kimball L. Garrett, Jon L. Dunn & Brian E. Small

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Catalog #9713, Birds-of-Southern-Californiar Catalog #9713, Birds-of-Southern-California Catalog #9713, ample-page Catalog #9713, sample-page-spread Catalog #9713, Cactus-Wren Catalog #9713, Hooded-oriole Catalog #9713, Hooded-Oriole Catalog #9713, Great-Horned-Owl Catalog #9713, Island-Scrub-Jay Catalog #9713, Island-Scrub-Jay Catalog #9713, Vermilion-Flycatcher Catalog #9713, Vermilion-Fly-Catcher Catalog #9713, Yellow-billed-Magpie Catalog #9713, Yellow-billed-Magpie

2012, 506 pages, color photos throughout. This pocket-sized book provides a photographic guide to the 350 birds that reside in or visit the lower half of California, an area of approximately 56,000 square miles.

Each Species Account provides one or more color photographs of a local bird and has key information on the opposing page including: description, voice, behavior, similar birds, where and when to find it, and a 'Did you know?' paragraph with interesting facts. There is a space at the bottom of each page to record sightings of the bird.

The Short Index inside the back cover gives a quick way to find birds in the guide.  The Map inside the front cover gives a good overview of the geographic area covered in the guide and location of some of the top birding spots.  The Common Local Birds pages show photographs of the region's most common birds.

Several sections of the book designed for beginning birders:

  • Identifying Birds (how to tell one bird from another)
  • Observing Birds (how to be successful in seeing more birds)
  • Bird Habitats (describes the 12 types of habitat in Southern California and some of the birds in each habitat)
  • Helpful Resources (where to get more information)
  • Index/Checklist (use this checklist to record bird sightings)
  • Paperback; 4-1/2 x 6".

    About the Authors:
    Kimball Garrett is a lifelong resident of Los Angeles, and has been the Ornithology Collections Manager at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County since 1982. He is on the Board and past-President of Western Field Ornithologists, a member of the California Bird Records Committee, and co-editor of the Southern California regional reports for North American Birds.

    Jon Dunn has been a leader for WINGS since 1977, leading bird watching tours worldwide. He has extensive knowledge of the identification and distribution of North American birds and has written and co-authored books and numerous papers on this subject. He was co-author for the National Geographic Society's Field Guide to the Birds of North America, 6th edition.

    Brian Small has been a professional bird and nature photographer for more than 20 years.  He is the Photo Editor of the American Birding Association's magazine Birding and serves on the advisory board of WildBird magazine. With Kenn Kaufman, Brian co-authors a bird identification column for BirdWatching magazine.

    9713 Garrett, Birds of Southern California

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