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by Richard S. Vetter

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2015, 200 pages, 49 color photos, line drawings, tables, charts. The brown recluse is a fascinating spider well adapted to dwelling in houses and other buildings. Because of this very quality and the ghastly reputation associated with the medical consequences of its bite, it has become infamous throughout North America.

Although recluse spiders can cause serious skin injuries and, in very rare cases, death, the danger posed by this spider is often exaggerated as a result of arachnophobia and the misdiagnosis of non-spider-related conditions as brown recluse bites. These misdiagnoses often occur in areas of North America where the spider does not exist, making legitimate bites improbable. One of the greatest factors that keeps the myths alive is misidentification of common (and harmless) spiders as brown recluses (also known as violin spiders, fiddleback spiders, and brown fiddlers).

This book hopes to educate readers regarding the biology of the spider and medical aspects of its bites, to reduce the incidence of misdiagnoses, and to quell misplaced anxiety.  It covers topics such as taxonomy, identification, misidentification, life history characteristics and biology, medical aspects of envenomations, and medical conditions misdiagnosed as brown recluse bites.  It also discusses other spider species of medical consideration (several of which have been wrongly implicated as threats to human health), and the psychology behind the entrenched reasons why people believe so deeply in the presence of the spider in the face of strong, contradictory information.

The book also makes recommendations for control of the spider for households in areas where brown recluse spiders are found, and describes other species of recluse spiders in North America.

Although The Brown Recluse Spider was written for a general audience, it is also a valuable source of information for arachnologists and medical personnel.  Available in hardcover and paperback; 6 x 9".

About the Author - Richard Vetter has retired as a research associate in the Department of Entomology at the University of California, Riverside. He is coauthor of PCT Field Guide for the Management of Urban Spiders, catalog number 3601.

9445 Vetter, The Brown Recluse Spider, hardcover

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9445B Vetter, The Brown Recluse Spider, paperback

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