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Checklist of the Oxypeltidae, Vesperidae, Disteniidae and Cerambycidae, (Coleoptera) of the Western Hemisphere, 2018 Version - Product Details

Checklist of the Oxypeltidae, Vesperidae, Disteniidae and Cerambycidae, (Coleoptera) of the Western Hemisphere, 2018 Version
Larry Bezark, compiler

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Catalog #9191G, Cerambycid-Checklist-2018-version

2018 edition, updated through 31 December 2017, Addendum update of 15 more pages, for a total of 518 pages.

This edition includes taxonomic changes throughout with a lot of synonymy. There are 8 new genera, 107 new species, 114 new distributional records, and 62 new or recently received references.

From the Introduction, "The Cerambycidae, commonly known as longhorned beetles, longicorns, capricorns, round-headed borers, timber beetles, goat beetles (bock-kńfern), or sawyer beetles, comprise one of the largest and most varied families of Coleoptera, with body length alone varying from ▒ 2.5 mm (Cyrtinus sp.) to slightly over 17 cm (Titanus giganteus). Distributed world-wide from sea level to montane sites as high as 4,200 m elevation wherever their host plants are found, cerambycids have long been a favorite with collectors. Taxonomic interest in the family has been fairly consistent for the past century, but the description of new taxa has accelerated in recent decades thanks to the efforts of Chemsak, Linsley, Giesbert, Martins, MonnÚ, Galileo, Napp, and other workers."

The Checklist is dedicated to Ubirajara Ribeiro Martins de Souza (1932-2015), a Brazilian coleopterist and mentor. Dr. Martins published over 400 papers as well as 30 books or book chapters.

During his career, Dr. Martins described several tribes, numerous genera, and over 2,000 species. These were not only in Cerambycidae (and related families, such as Disteniidae and Vesperidae), but also in the Languriidae, an important group that is less known or forgotten.

The Checklist builds upon the efforts of Blackwelder (1946), Chemsak & Linsley (1982), Chemsak, Linsley & Noguera (1992), and MonnÚ & Giesbert (1994), and includes nearly 9,000 described species and subspecies, covering the terrestrial hemisphere from Canada and Alaska to Argentina and Chile, and including the Caribbean arc.

Plastic Comb binding; 8-1/2 x 11".

9191G Bezark, Checklist of Oxypel.,Vesper.,Disten & Cerambycidae, 2018 Version

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