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The Yellow Fever Mosqquito:
Its Life History, Bionomics and Structure - Product Details

The Yellow Fever Mosqquito:
Its Life History, Bionomics and Structure
by Sir Rickard Christophers

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Catalog #9135, AEDES-AEGYPTI Catalog #9135, Techniques Catalog #9135, the-egg Catalog #9135, the-larva Catalog #9135, The-adult

2009, 752 pages, b/w line drawings. Ades aegypti, the yellow fever mosquito, is widely used as a laboratory type for research on the bionomics, structure and physiology of the mosquito and for many other research purposes, such as in the testing of insecticides, research on essential food requirements and genetical studies.

Originally published in 1960, this classic book brings together in a systematic way all that was known about the species at time of publication. It presents, in readily usable format, information scattered in a vast and diffuse literature and adds much from the author's own work.

The scope of the book covers: the history of early research, a review of the species systematics, its distribution, natural enemies and parasites, its relation to disease and the measures taken in its control. There is a chapter on how the species can be reared, standardized and used. It describes the structure and changes undergone by the egg and gives the first published description of mosquito embryology. It describes the larval stages, pupa and adult, with their structure, behavior and reactions, including a full account of their physical characteristics, weights, measurements, and viability. Paperback; weighs 3.7 lbs.; 8-1/4 x 11".

9135 Christophers, Aedes Aegypti, Yellow Fever Mosquito

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