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Monograph of the Genus Colias, in 2 volumes - Product Details

Monograph of the Genus Colias, in 2 volumes
by Joseph T. Verhulst

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Catalog #9126, Monograph of the Genus Colias text Catalog #9126, Plates volume Catalog #9126, Sample plate

2000, two volumes. Beautifully researched and photographed revision of Colias treats all 84 known species. First complete illustrated study at species and subspecies level since works by Sietz and Verity in the early 1900s.

Volume 1: 262 pages, French/English text. Contains original descriptions (Russian & Japanese translated), discussion, range, flight period, and wingpsan. Includes systematic list (species, subspecies, forms), list of localities, brief biographies and portraits of Colias specialists, and extensive bibliography.

Volume 2: 308 pages, 183 color photo plates. Provides 85 plates of specimens (24 to 28 specimens per plate) and 98 plates of distribution maps, landscape, habitat, and early stages (one or two plates for each species). Legend, index follow the plates. Hardcover; oversized, 9-1/2 x 13-1/2"; 8 lbs.

9126 Verhulst, Monograph of Genus Colias, 2 vol. Set

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