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by Erica McAlister

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Catalog #9097, Inside-Out-Flies Catalog #9097, Inside-Out-Flies Catalog #9097, Inside-Out-Flies Catalog #9097, Inside-Out-Flies Catalog #9097, Inside-Out-Flies

2020, 288 pages, 150 full color, and black and white photographs, illustrations and diagrams, table, further reading, index.

The Inside Out of Flies is an under-the-hood look at the astonishing mechanics of fly anatomy. Erica McAlister reveals the engineering miracles embodied in each species of fly and some of the fascinating implications they hold for human technology.

Discover the physics of the mysterious "scuba diving fly," marvel at the venomous horsefly larvae which prey on frogs, and glimpse the golden ratio in these creatures' spiral flight patterns.

McAlister touches on the emerging field of biomimetics -- the study of evolutionary adaptations to devise new technology -- and anticipates everything from medical needles based on the mosquito's proboscis to hearing aids inspired by Ormia ochracea, a tiny fly with ears on its thorax. At every juncture she uncovers unique and surprising science lessons encapsulated in the form and function of the humble fly.

Not only an expert at the top of her field, McAlister is a skilled writer who masterfully imparts knowledge while entertaining the reader with her enthusiasm and wit. Even those who would not consider reading about flies, will find themselves entertained and enlightened. This is an ideal selection for personal, public, academic and specialist libraries.

Hardcover with jacket; 5 x 8.

9097 McAlister, The Inside Out of Flies

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