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by James T. Costa
With a Foreword by Bert Hölldobler
and a Commentary by Edward O. Wilson

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Catalog #9029, The-Other-Insect-Societies Catalog #9029, Other-Egg-Guarding-Insects Catalog #9029, Scorpion-&-Centipede-brooding

2006, 767 pages, 28 color photo plates, b/w line illustrations. Asked to name an insect society, most of us point to one of the so-called eusocial marvels: the ant colony, the beehive, the termite mound, the wasp nest. Each is recognized for its division of labor--collective defense, foraging, and nestbuilding. Yet E. O. Wilson cautioned back in 1971 that sociality should be defined more broadly, "in order to prevent the arbitrary exclusion of many interesting phenomena."

Thirty-five years later, James Costa gives those interesting phenomena their due. He argues that evolutionary biologists have neglected the more diverse social arrangements in the remaining twenty-eight orders--insect societies that don't fit the eusocial schema. He synthesizes here for the first time the scattered literature about social phenomena across the arthropod phylum: beetles and bugs, caterpillars and cockroaches, mantids and membracids, sawflies and spiders. This wide-ranging tour takes a rich narrative approach that interweaves theory and data analysis with the behavior and ecology of these remarkable groups. Hardcover; 6-3/4 x 10-1/4".

9029 Costa, the Other Insect Societies

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