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Monarch Net - Product Details

Monarch Net

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Catalog #7518NA, Monarch-Net-fully-extended-18+-feet Catalog #7518NA, Monarch-Net-tube-contents Catalog #7518NA, Monarch-Net-adjustable-head Catalog #7518NA, Monarch-Net-at-12-feet-2-sections Catalog #7518NA, Monarch-Net-as-shipped Catalog #7518NA, Monarch-Net-out-of-the-tube-6-feet

BioQuip’s Monarch Net provides a compact, convenient and safe means for capturing insects generally inaccessible by conventional collecting methods. This unusual, sturdy telescoping collecting net is a giant step up in vertical reach from the popular 7324 Tropics Net. The largest of the three tempered aluminum telescoping tubes comprising the handle is 1-1/4" diameter, ribbed for structural strength. Two extension tubes are secured into the desired position by twist lock devices requiring no tools.

The adjustable angle adapter is fabricated of rugged plastic, and any of 13 angles is set by interlocking notches, easily tightened with a wing-nut. The spring steel net ring is 18" diameter, and the 7218NA aerial bag is white. The complete net weighs 4 lbs.

A rugged PVC shipping tube has been designed to hold the Monarch Net. It is 2-1/2" diameter x 90" long with a threaded end cap for access at one end. The unit may be checked as airline baggage, and is an ideal collecting tool taken anywhere worldwide. It can be shipped by U.P.S.or FedEx ‘Oversize’ (70 lb.) rate and $6.50 excessive length surcharge. Weight with PVC case is 9-3/4 lbs.

Use extreme caution when holding this net near electrical lines or when the potential for lightning may exist as this product is highly conductive to electricity.

Extra or replacement 18" diameter net bags are available. See 7218NA, 7218GR, 7218WA, 7218SA, 7218FA, 7218CW or 7218CG.

7518NA Monarch Net, with Travel Tube

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