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Gambusia Net - Product Details

Gambusia Net

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Catalog #7322AG, Gambusia-Net Catalog #7212AG, Gambusia-Net-Bag

The Gambusia net is a BioQuip product designed at the request of entomologists involved in mosquito control. It is intended specifically for the capture of Gambusia affinis (mosquito fish) for transfer to other ponds or areas where mosquito control is needed. However, the net has a wider application as a general collecting device for those concerned with fresh water biology.

The bag is 12" (30.5cm) in diameter, and is made of 1/8" knotted nylon ace mesh, banded with Dacron sail tape. Replacement bags are available. The hoop is flat spring steel which screws onto a five-foot (152cm) aluminum handle composed of two segments.

The top handle section only may be used in transferring fish from breeding or holding tanks while use of both sections is convenient for scooping fish from canals and ponds.

7322AG Gambusia Net, 5' Handle, 12" Diameter Bag

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7212AG Gambusia Net Bag, 12" Mesh Bottom

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