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Insect Resistant Coverall - Product Details

Insect Resistant Coverall

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Catalog #5450A, Insect-Resistant-Coveralls-front Catalog #5450A, Insect-Resistant-Coveralls-back Catalog #5450A, Insect-Resistant-Coveralls-set-back Catalog #5450V, Bee-Suit-Veil-W-zipper-No-Helmet-Or-Suit Catalog #5455, Replacement-Gauntlet-Gloves

With the arrival of Africanized honey bees into Texas, across the Southwest, and into California, outdoor workers may need to wear protective clothing for prolonged periods of time. BioQuip’s Insect Resistant Coverall has been carefully produced to meet this challenge. It is made of non-attracting white Nylon ripstop. The very closely woven material provides an almost slick surface, resistant to bees that must cling tightly to fabric in order to penetrate with a stinger. The material has been successfully tested in the field, providing effective protection against European honey bees, wasps and yellow jackets, carpenter bees, mosquitos, deerflies, and horseflies.

With safety and comfort in mind, the Coverall has been substantially redesigned and improved since BioQuip introduced it in 1991. Zippers along each side of the suit provide underarm ventilation as well as access to inside pockets. The Coverall is zippered all the way from the crotch to the top of the collar, preventing access by bees at the neck or any point along the zippered front. Side and front zippers have two sliders allowing access from either end. Additional protection is afforded by Velcro tabs at wrists and ankles.

The Coverall has two outside breast pockets with Velco closure tabs, two lower front pockets, a back pocket for tools, and a ring at the front for convenience in hooking a tool or keys.

The Coverall’s hat is a woven, rigid, ventilated, tan safari-style helmet, equipped with size adjusting bands. Its broad brim holds the veil away from the face. A fiberglass screen veil protects the face and neck, and 1/8" ace Nylon netting at the bottom provides additional ventilation. The veil and hat are secured with a zipper around the neck of the Coverall.

Bee-resistant vinyl dipped canvas gloves have Nylon ripstop cuffs which extend above the elbow.

With the exception of shoes or boots, BioQuip’s Insect Resistant Coverall offers full-body protection and comfort for the user, making it the finest working suit on the market. Made in the U.S.A.

5450A This item is currently unavailable or has been discontinued.

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5450V Bee Suit Veil w/Zipper, No Helmet or Suit

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5455 This item is currently unavailable or has been discontinued.