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Dendy Design Larval Sampler - Product Details

Dendy Design Larval Sampler

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Catalog #4223A, Dendy-Design-Larval-Sampler

An effective method for collecting larval insects and other macroinvertebrates found in freshwater environments. The Dendy design larval plate bottom sampler is submerged in a stream, river or lake bottom. Organisms moving through the water reach the surface of plates where they tend to cling and develop. Optimum period for leaving the sampler in place is two weeks.

The multiple plate sampler consists of nine 3" (7.6cm) square pieces of 1/8" tempered hardboard, separated by plastic spacers to keep plates in position. Plates are connected through the center by a stainless steel eyebolt. The sampler is easily dismantled by removing the wing nut at the end of the bolt. By exposing both sides of the small plates, about one square foot of surface is made available.

This simple yet highly efficient sampler is inexpensive and compact, recommended when sampling from many locations in a stream or lake is desirable.

4223A Dendy Larval Sampler

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