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Water Sampler - Product Details

Water Sampler

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Catalog #4218, Water-Sampling-Bottle

Sturdy, clear acrylic chamber collects representative water samples, including dissolved oxygen water samples, at depths from one to 20 meters. Water is collected in a removable inner glass tube which is overflowed up to 10 times to insure an accurate, representative sample. Two extra test tube inner chambers, 6-3/4" (17.1) long, with cork stoppers are supplied.

The water sampler outfit includes a cork stopper and rod for simple removal of inner glass tubes, a clip for thermometer attachment when temperature readings are to be obtained, and a two pound lead weight which is attached to the bottom of the sampler for rapid descent and minimal amount of drift due to currents. A short harness and swiveled hook for attaching line at the top is also provided.

Overall dimensions are 9 x 3-1/4" (23 x 8 cm); shipping weight is 4 lbs. Procedures for collecting water samples are supplied.

4218 Water Sampling Bottle

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