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Tomahawk Live Animal Traps - Product Details

Tomahawk Live Animal Traps

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Catalog #4211, Tomahawk Live Trap 16 x 5 x 5 inches Catalog #4214, Rigid Sparrow Live Animal Trap 24 x 12 x 8 inches

Tomahawk live traps are constructed of galvanized wire fabric with heavy steel rod reinforcement where needed. Animals enter these traps with more confidence because they can see through in all directions. The automatic locking feature of the safety door makes escape almost impossible. These rugged traps are painted light brown so they may be used upon arrival without waiting for the galvanization to weather.

Three folding traps and one rigid trap are listed below to meet a variety of requirements. Small traps are used by public health personnel to collect mice, rats and squirrels for blood sampling or to determine presence of parasites. Larger traps are used by biologists and animal regulation workers for monitoring or transfer of skunks, cats and other mammals. The sparrow trap is used by mosquito workers to collect blood samples in vector research and control.

4211 Folding Rat/Chipmunk Trap, 16 X 5 X 5"

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4212 Folding Squirrel Trap,19 X 6 X 6"

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4213 Folding Skunk Trap, 20 X 7 X 7"

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4215 Cat/rabbit Trap; 9 X 9 X 26

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4214 This item is currently unavailable or has been discontinued.