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Havahart Live Animal Traps - Product Details

Havahart Live Animal Traps

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Catalog #4200, Havahart-Live-Animal-Traps Catalog #4200, Havahart-Trap Catalog #4201, Havahart-Trap-5x5x18--labeled Catalog #4202, Havahart-Trap- Catalog #4202, Havahart-Trap-

Widely used, effective Havahart traps have proven their value, providing many years of use in the field. Animals are unharmed and may be relocated and released if desired.

Trap doors at both ends are released simultaneously when the baited treadle is tripped. Traps are made of sturdy wire mesh, galvanized for resistance to rust and corrosion.

These traps are excellent for ecological or population studies. They can be carried easily with one hand, and a carrying handle folds flat for storage. They are shipped fully assembled and ready for use.

4200 Havahart Trap 3X3x10"

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4201 Havahart Trap 5X5x18"

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4202 Havahart Trap 7X7x24

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