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by Jesse L. Goodman, David T. Dennis & Daniel E. Sonenshine, editors

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2005, 418 pages, 17 color photo plates, 11 color maps, b/w SEMs, illustrations, graphs, tables.  The incidence of tick-borne diseases afflicting humans is on the rise.  Tick-borne illnesses are extremely diverse, both biologically and clinically, and symptoms are often nonspecific, making recognition and appropriate treatment challenging.  This book provides comprehensive information on the biology, ecology, and clinical aspects of these diseases.  It covers key information that is highly useful to students and professionals in the fields of human and veterinary medicine, public health, medical entomology, acarology, and ecology.

Written by experts with specialized field knowledge, the book is divided into three sections.  Section I integrates divergent information relevant to the full spectrum of tick-borne diseases, incorporating tick biology and identification, distribution of the diseases ticks transmit, and various strategies for tick control.  It also reviews the clinical approach to a patient with a possible tick-borne affliction.  Section II is devoted to in-depth profiles of specific diseases, including information on disease history, biology, epidemiology, ecology, transmission, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, treatment and prevention.  Section III examines the geographical distribution of tick-borne diseases and their vectors.

The useful full-color insert includes maps of vector and disease distribution, an atlas of clinical and pathologic images, and illustrations of diagnostically important skin lesions and blood smears. Hardcover; 8-1/2 x 11-1/4".

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