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A PRIMER OF ECOLOGY, fourth edition - Product Details

A PRIMER OF ECOLOGY, fourth edition
by Nicholas J. Gotelli

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Catalog #3994C, A-Primer-of-Ecology-4th-ed

2008, 291 pages 93 illustrations. Presents concise but detailed coverage of the most common mathematical models in population and community ecology. The book is intended to demystify ecological models and the mathematics behind them by deriving the models from first principles. The book may be used as a self-teaching tutorial by students, as a  textbook.

The Primer explains in detail basic concepts of exponential and logistic population growth, age-structured demography, metapopulation dynamics, competition, predation, island biogeography, and succession. This edition contains a new chapter on Measuring Species Diversity. Advanced topics include environmental and demographic stochasticity, discrete population growth and chaos, nonlinear predator-prey isoclines, and passive sampling. Each chapter follows the same structure: model presentation and predictions, model assumptions, model variations, empirical examples, and problems. Essential equations are highlighted for the reader's use. Paperback.

Nicholas J. Gotelli is Professor in the Department of Biology at the University of Vermont.

3994C Gotelli, Primer of Ecology, 4th edition

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