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Rookie Read-About Science Series - Product Details

Rookie Read-About Science Series
by by Allan Fowler & Valerie Wilkinson

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Catalog #3969, Busy,-Buzzy-Bees Catalog #3971, It-could-Still-Be-A-Butterfly Catalog #3972, Its-a-good-thing-there-are-Insects Catalog #9787, Plants-That-Eat-Animals Catalog #3973, Spiders-Are-Not-Insects

Books feature color photos and minimal text with facts about an order of insects or insects in general. Close-up, detailed photography portrays insects in natural habitats. Photographic glossaries aid learning and retention. Ages 5 - 8, reading level grades 1 and 2. Each book has 32 pages; paperback; 6 x 7".

BUSY, BUZZY BEES Introduces hives, worker bees, queen bees, drones and the work they do to maintain the hive. Pollination, reproduction, and note on honeybees rounds out the text.

IT COULD STILL BE A BUTTERFLY Overview includes metamorphosis and the differences between butterflies and moths. Features beautiful photos of adult and immature stages of development.

ITíS A GOOD THING THERE ARE INSECTS Looks at variety of insects: cicadas, grasshoppers, beetles, ants, bees, crickets, walking sticks, flies and mosquitoes, with some basic facts about each.

PLANTS THAT EAT ANIMALS Describes four kinds of carnivorous plants: Venusí flytrap, sundew plants, pitcher plants, and bladderworts.

SPIDERS ARE NOT INSECTS Explains differences between spiders and insects, and describes webs, habits, and silkmaking. Photos include tarantulas, fishing spider, black widow, brown recluse, crab spider and others.

3969 * Rookie Read- About Science Series, Busy, Buzzy Bees

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3971 * Rookie Read-About Science Series, It Could Still Be a Butterfly

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3972 * Rookie Read-About Science Series, It's a Good Thing There Are Insects

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9787 Rookie Read-About Science Series, Plants That Eat Animals

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3973 * Rookie Read-About Science, Spiders Are Not Insects

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