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ENTOMOLOGY AND THE LAW: Flies as Forensic Indicators - Product Details

ENTOMOLOGY AND THE LAW: Flies as Forensic Indicators
by Bernard Greenberg & John Charles Kunich

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Catalog #3892A, Entomology and the Law

2002, 320 pages, 11 color plates, 55 b/w photos, diagrams, tables.  Insect-related evidence is a powerful, yet poorly understood example of modern forensic science. This book provides a detailed roadmap from crime scene to courtroom -- for entomologists, law enforcement personnel and lawyers.  Part I focuses on carrion flies as forensic indicators, exploring relevant biology clearly and concisely illustrated by real-life cases.  Part II is a thorough examination of the law of scientific evidence, complete with caselaw, applicable code provisions, and issues relevant to admissibility and use of forensic entomology in litigation.  6 x 9".

3892A * Greenberg, Entomology and the Law, Hardcover

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3892B * Greenberg, Entomology and the Law; Paperback

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