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A DICTIONARY OF ENTOMOLOGY, 2nd Edition - Product Details

Gordon Gordh & David H. Headrick

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Catalog #3840C, A-Dictionary-of-Entomology

2011, 1,520 pages.  This fully updated edition is a comprehensive, fully cross-referenced collection of terms, names and phrases used in entomology, incorporating an estimated 43,000 definitions.  It is the only listing which covers insect anatomy, behavior, biology, ecology, histology, molecular biology, morphology, pest management, taxonomy and systematics.  The origin, etymology, part of speech and definition of each term and phrase are all provided, including the language, meaning or root of each term and constituent parts.

The common names of insects, their scientific binomen and taxonomic classification are provided, with diagnoses of pest species in many cases.  All insect order, suborder, superfamily, family and subfamily names are given, together with the diagnostic features of orders and families.  With new and updated terms, particularly in molecular biology, phylogeny and spatial technology, this is an essential reference for researchers, professors and students of entomology and related disciplines.

Hardcover; 6-3/4" x 9-3/4".

From the Reviews:
"This comprehensice dictionary is an indispensable resource for anyone working in the field of entomology....It will be of considerable importance to academic researchers, extension workers, professionals in various disciplines of applied entomology, and both undergraduate and graduate students. As such, it will be a significant addition to any university library. Summing Up: Essential."  - Choice

"[T]he most complete reference of its kind available today...this is an extraordinary work of the highest scholarship."  - American Entomologist

3840C Gordh, A Dictionary of Entomology, 2nd Edition

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