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by Stephen L. Buchmann & Gary Paul Nabhan

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Catalog #3806B, The Forgotten Pollinators

1997, 292 pages, b/w drawings. Consider this: Without interaction between animals and flowering plants, the seeds and fruits that make up nearly eighty percent of the human diet would not exist. More than any other natural process, plant-pollinator relationships offer vivid examples of the connections between endangered species and threatened habitats. The authors explain how human-induced changes in pollinator populations-caused by overuse of chemical pesticides, unbridled development, and conversion of natural areas into monocultural cropland-can have a ripple effect on disparate species, ultimately leading to a "cascade of linked extinctions".

This important book provides a natural and cultural history of how pollination works and how easily it can be disturbed. It addresses the impending pollination crisis, pollination syndromes, disruptions in fragmented habitats, and threats to migratory pollinators. It also includes a brief chapter on non-Hymenoptera pollinators. Paperback; 6 x 9".

3806B Buchmann, Forgotten Pollinators, Paper

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