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by Jaboury Ghazoul & Douglas Sheil

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Catalog #3788, Tropical-Rain-Forst-Ecology-Diversity-and-Conservation Catalog #3788, Mimicry Catalog #3788, Opportunity Catalog #3788, Regeneration-Strategy

2010, xvi + 516 pages, 200 b/w illustrations drawings, tables, graphs, diagrams. Rain forests represent the world's richest repository of terrestrial biodiversity, and play a major role in regulating the global climate. Understanding the ecology of these diverse biomes, and peoples' dependencies on them, is fundamental to their future management and conservation.

This book introduces and explores what rain forests are, how they arose, what they contain, how they function, and how humans use and impact them. The first section introduces the variety of rain forest plants, fungi, microorganisms, and animals, emphasising the spectacular diversity that is the motivation for their conservation. The central chapters describe the origins of rain forest communities, the variety of rain forest formations, and their ecology and dynamics. The challenge of explaining the species richness of rain forest communities lies at the heart of ecological theory, and forms a common theme throughout. The book's final section considers historical and current interactions of humans and rain forests. It explores biodiversity conservation as well as livelihood security for the many communities that are dependent on rain forests - inextricable issues that represent urgent priorities for scientists, conservationists, and policy makers. Extensive use of case studies and text boxes on key themes is supported by a comprehensive reference list. Paperback; 7-1/2 x 9-3/4".

About the Authors
Jaboury Ghazoul - Since joining Imperial College London in 1998, and ETH Zurich from 2005, Ghazoul's research interests encompass a variety of issues relating to tropical plant ecology, genetics and conservation. He generally selects nice places to work, and is thus currently engaged in research in India, Malaysia and the Seychelles.

Douglas Sheil - since obtaining his doctorate at Oxford examining long-term dynamics of Ugandan rainforests in 1996, Sheil's work has taken him to all the main rain forest regions of the World. He is director of the Institute of Tropical Forest Conservation (ITFC), a field station under the Mbarara University of Science and Technology, located in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, in South West Uganda. His publications have covered a wide range of tropical forest topics.

3788 Ghazoul, Tropical Rain Forest Ecology, Diversity, and Conservation

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