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EXTREME BUGS - Product Details

by Leslie Mertz

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2007, 224 pages, color photos throughout. This remarkable book takes a magnifying glass to some of the most striking and bizarre insects imaginable. From the Madagascar moon moth and rainbow leaf beetle to mantids and the billygoat plum caterpillar, all of the insects featured here have spectacular colors, patterns, shapes, behavior, or other extreme characteristics. It cover both general and specific information on a wide variety of topics in short chapters, each illustrated with large and sharp photographs.

Published in cooperation with the Smithsonian Institution. Paperback; 7-3/8 x 9-1/8".

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About the Author - Leslie Mertz, Ph.D., is a field biologist, educator, and science writer. She has authored numerous books and articles on the natural world and science.

3782 Mertz, Extreme Bugs

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