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40 Ways to Cook Crickets, Grasshoppers, Ants, Water Bugs, Spiders, Centipedes, and Their Kin - Product Details

40 Ways to Cook Crickets, Grasshoppers, Ants, Water Bugs, Spiders, Centipedes, and Their Kin
by David George Gordon

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Catalog #3702B, Eat-A--Bug-Cookbook Catalog #3702B, EAB2 Fried Green Tomato Hornworms image p 86 Catalog #3702B, EAB2 Pear Salad with Chiangbai Ants image p 68 Catalog #3702B, EAB2 White Chocolate and Wax Worm Cookies image p 92

2013, 126 pages, 18 full-page color photos, b/w illustrations.  If eating an insect is something you’d only do on a dare, think again.  Today, insect eating is more than just a fringe movement.  Restaurants are offering edible insects as exotic and intriguing delicacies such as “chapulines” (toasted grasshoppers), increasingly popular at Mexican restaurants.

Impress, enlighten, and entertain your family and friends with a wide range of recipes.  Spice things up with a bowl of Orthopteran Orzo - pasta salad with a cricket twist.  For dessert, try White Chocolate and Wax Worm Cookies, illustrated above.  (They’re so tasty, the kids will be begging for seconds!)

In addition to well-written and easily followed recipes,The Cookbook is filled with anecdotes, insights, fascinating information, and practical how-tos.  Mail-order bugs are readily available online - but if you’re a DIY type, tips for harvesting or raising your own are included.  The book is a perfect primer for anyone interested in entomophagy (the consumption of insects as food), or becoming an entomological epicure. More than 2 billion people supplement their diets with insects. Nutritionally, they are a rich source of protein.  Bugs are a viable alternative to animal proteins that Westerners tend to consume - and thanks to naturalist and noted bug chef David George Gordon, this cookbook demonstrates that bug eating also is fun and downright delicious!  Paperback; 7-1/2 x 9-1/2”.

About the Author - David George Gordon is the award-winning author of 19 books. The freewheeling naturalist has been featured in many newspaper and magazine articles, and he has been a guest on major TV shows.  Gordon is a popular guest speaker and gives lectures and cooking demonstrations. He has showcased his bug-based cuisine at schools and colleges in 32 states and four foreign countries. He lives in Seattle, Washington.

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