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by Ronald Orenstein (text) & Thomas Marent (photographer)

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Catalog #3683, Weird-Butterflies-and-Moths

2016, 64 pages, color photos throughout.  There are more than 200,000 currently recognized species of butterflies and moths.  This fascinating book reveals a rare and close-up look at the odd beauty and behavior of some of the strangest of these small creatures.  Despite their large numbers, the world of these particularly weird insects exists largely hidden from our view.

The book includes some of the most interesting species from North and South America, Europe, the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand and beyond. Readers will be introduced into the world of the butterfly with images demonstrating how these paper-thin winged insects  adapt and survive against all odds, which include predators, weather and humanity's willful destruction of habitat.

Each page features a full-color close-up photograph of the butterfly or moth, its Latin and common name, describing habitat, life cycles, predators and unique adaptations that allow it to survive.

Ages 9 and older. Paperback; 9 x 9".

3683 Orenstein, Weird Butterflies & Moths

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