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Easy Activities for Young Children - Product Details

Easy Activities for Young Children
by Janice VanCleave

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2007, 213 pages, b/w illustrations. Using this book as a guide, you and young budding scientists can have fun exploring the world while helping children learn about science and develop important science process skills. You may think it's hard to get young children interested in science, but just watch their eyes light up when they make bouncy blubber or play clay, or when you venture out together in the backyard or local park for a bug-collecting expedition. These are the kind of everyday explorations that give kids a great foundation for a lifetime of science learning.

In this terrific collection of fun, kid-tested science activities, bestselling children's science writer and former teacher Janice VanCleave has combined her favorite science activities for young people into one jumbo-sized book that you and children will enjoy.

The book includes over 50 easy-to-do activities and is divided into four parts:
PHYSICAL SCIENCE: Encourage kids to learn about physical sciences with questions such as: How does a compass work? Why do I have to wear a seat belt? Why can't I catch a rainbow? Why does my hair stick to a comb?

NATURE: Help children answer questions naturally including: Why do cats' eyes glow in the dark? How do fish move up and down in the water? Why do plants move toward the sun? Can squirrels really fly?

BUGS: Challenge the science bug in kids with questions such as: Why do fireflies light up? How do butterflies drink? Where do spiders come from? Why are walkingsticks hard to find?

HUMAN BODY: Capture children's imaginations about the whole body of science with questions like these: Why do I have hair on my body? How does my heart sound? Why do foods taste different? Why are my bones hard?

For ages 4 - 7. Paperback: 8-1/4 x 10-3/4".

3627 Vancleave, Big Book of Science Projects

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