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A Guide to the Odonates of the Upper Midwest - Product Details

A Guide to the Odonates of the Upper Midwest
by Ann Johnson

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Catalog #3621, Dragonflies-&-Damselflies-in-Your-Pocket Catalog #3621, Dragonflies-&-Damselflies-in-Your-Pocket-sample-spread

2009, 55 color photos. This convenient fold-out guide features a clear and informative text. The photographs are stunning; it is impossible to look at them without wanting to head out for the nearest stream and search for the living insects. In addition to providing useful general information about broad-winged damsels, spreadwings, pond damsels, darners, clubtails, cruisers, emeralds, and skimmers, the guide includes common and scientific names, sizes, general flight seasons, and the best habitats in which to find each species: rocky rivers, wetlands, ponds, still waters, etc.

With their extremely large eyes, elongated transparent wings, long and slender abdomens, and prehensile extendible jaws, dragonflies and damselflies are efficient hunters and quick, darting fliers. Their beauty and their behavior make them delightful subjects for birdwatchers and other nature enthusiasts.

The folded guide is 4-1.8 x 9"; extends to 16-3/4 x 16-7/8".

“With beautiful photos backed up by concise text, this little guide is simple and easy to use as it introduces birders and general naturalists to a wonderful group of insects, the Odonata. It should be in every glove compartment and backpack.”—Dennis Paulson, author, Dragonflies and Damselflies of the West, see 3804.

3621 Johnson, Dragonflies/Damsel Guide To Upper Midwest

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