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INSECTS A TO Z - Product Details

by Stephen A. Marshall

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Catalog #3602, Insects-A-to-Z Catalog #3602, Insects-A-to-Z-Earwigs Catalog #3602, Insects-A-to-Z-Lace-Wing Catalog #3602, Insects-A-to-Z-Urania

2009, 32 pages, color photos throughout. This beautifully illustrated dictionary describes 26 insects from Army ants through Zebra clubtails.  Each page features two color photographs of the insect and an accurate descriptive paragraph.  Fact boxes for each entry provide at-a-glance information detailing each insect's scientific name, diet, average size and the location at which each was photographed. The book has a varied audience - from middle school students to younger advanced early readers. Paperback; 8 x 10".

Stephen Marshall is a professor of entomology at the University of Guelph. He has discovered hundreds of new species, several new genera and even two new subfamilies. His previous book is the widely acclaimed Insects: Their Natural History and Diversity, see 4034.

3602 Marshall, Insects A-Z

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