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Revised Edition - Product Details

Revised Edition
by Takashi Ohya

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Catalog #3523, Catalogue-of-Birdwing-Butterflies-rev-ed Catalog #3523, sample-page

2009, 288 pages. This comprehensive catalog of the Genus Ornithoptera, the Genus Trogonoptera and the Genus Troides is made up of the following seven parts:
Part 1: Classification of Birdwing Butterflies
Part 2: Original descriptions of Birdwing Butterflies
Part 3: Alphabetic list of taxonomic names and their original descriptions
Part 4: Index to original genera, subgenera
Part 5: Index to authors
Part 6: Index to journals, serials and books
Part 7: Distribution list of Birdwing Butterflies

All original descriptions described for 250 years from 1758 (the year that Linnaeus first named Birdwing Butterflies) to 2008 were investigated.  Hardcover; 8-1/4 x 11-1/2".

Preface for the revised edition:
During 8 years since the first edition was issued, many new taxa and new habitats of Birdwings were reported. The year 2008 is corresponds to the 250th anniversary counting from the memorial year which LINNAEUS (1758) gave the name to Birdwings firstly. What all of the original of Birdwings is analyzed may be enlightening for many researchers in case of their further studies in future on account of being able to learn about the whole of Birdwings, so the editor have determined to bring out the revised edition. I should be honor if my aim would be able to be attained by this book.

On the occasion of revising this book, I took care on the following points:
In Part 1, on account of elimination of the unavailable taxonomic names and addition of newly described 129 taxa, the new classification list is made up of 648 taxa.
In Part 2, all the original descriptions are classified into every Subgenus. In a case of original description by Japanese author, not only Japanese title of the bulletin but also English title is written side by side.
In Part 3, the title of bulletin is indicated in both Japanese and English in a case of the Japanese author.
In Parts 4, 5 and 6, the method of arrangement applies correspondingly to the first edition, but the print of this revised edition may be easier to read than that of the first edition due to the use of larger printing type. Bold print indicates it to be a available taxon.
In Part 7, 334 locations have been recorded as the new habitats, i. e. these newly found locations relative to Genera Ornithoptera, Trogonoptera and Troides are 120, 28 and 186 places, respectively.

April 2009
Takashi OHYA

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