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Letters from the Malay Archipelago - Product Details

Letters from the Malay Archipelago
John van Wyhe & Kees Rookmaaker, editors

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2015, 350 pages, 8 plates with 20 color photos, b/w photos; foreword by Sir David Attenborough.  This volume brings together the letters of the Victorian naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913) during his famous travels of 1854-62 in the Malay Archipelago (now Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia).  It was these travels which led him to come independently to the same conclusion as Charles Darwin: that evolution occurs through natural selection. Beautifully written, the letters are filled with lavish descriptions of the remote regions he explored, the peoples, and fascinating details about the large number new species of mammals, birds, and many insects that he discovered during his time there.

The editors present new transcriptions of each of the letters, including recently discovered letters that shed light on the voyage and on questions such as Wallace's reluctance to publish on evolution, and why he famously chose to write to Darwin rather than to send his work to a journal directly.  A revised account of Wallace's itinerary based on new research by the editors forms part of an introduction that sets the context of the voyage, and the volume includes full notes to all letters.

The letters form a remarkable and vivid document of one of the most important journeys of the 19th century by a great Victorian naturalist.

Paperback; 6 x 9-1/4".

About the Editors:
Dr. John van Wyhe is a historian of science, Senior Lecturer in the Dept. of Biological Sciences and a Fellow of Tembusu College, National University of Singapore.  He is the founder and Director of Darwin Online.  He has published ten books and lectures and broadcasts around the world.  His research has resolved some of the most intractable mysteries and debunked long-standing myths in the field such as Darwin's delay, when Darwin received Wallace's evolution essay, whether Darwin was the naturalist or only companion on the Beagle, where the legend of Darwin's finches comes from, and others.  Dr. van Whye curated the Wallace exhibition at the Science Centre Singapore.

Dr. Kees Rookmaaker is a Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Biological Sciences at the National University of Singapore.  He is interested in a large range of subjects in the history of natural history as well as everything connected with research and conservation of rhinoceroses.  Dr. Rookmaaker is a Senior Member of Wolfson College, Cambridge, and in 2005 he was awarded The Founder's Medal of the Society for the History of Natural History.  He is the author of six books and over 150 articles about zoological exploration in Africa and Indonesia.

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