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NEOTROPICAL SIMULIIDAE (Diptera: Insecta) - Product Details

by Sixto Coscarón & Cecilia L. Coscarón Arias
Peter H Adler, Scientific Reader to the Editors

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Catalog #3480, Neotropical-Simuliidae Catalog #3480, Neotropical-Simuliidae-page-357

2007, 685 pages, (135 pp. of multiple b/w drawings), 19 maps. Immature stages of black flies are present in most Neotropical freshwater streams and rivers, and adults are well known to nearby human populations by the adult female's bite. This comprehensive volume treats 284 species of known Neotropical black flies found from south of the United States to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. It covers 12 genera and 18 subgenera. Text includes keys in English and Spanish, diagnoses, illustrations of characters, distribution maps. Detailed species descriptions cover female, male, larva, pupa, distribution, bionomics, and relevant information. Hardcover: 6-3/4 x 9-1/2".

This important work is Volume 3 in a major series on the Aquatic Biodiversity of Latin America. Each volume is written by specialists who combine the current state of knowledge in taxonomy and ecology, and the series is edited by an international team of scientists. Approximately 15 separate monographs will be published offering an unrivalled view of the aquatic fauna of Central and South America.

3480 Coscaron, Neotropical Simuliidae, Latin & So. America

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