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THE NAMES OF PLANTS, fourth edition - Product Details

THE NAMES OF PLANTS, fourth edition
by David Gledhill

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Catalog #3421A, The-Names-of-Plants-4th-ed

2008, 426 pages.  Provides an invaluable and convenient reference source. The first section gives an historical account of ways in which plant naming has changed with time. It outlines rules to be followed when naming a new species or cultivar. The second section  contains a glossary of generic and specific plant names, and components of these, from which the reader may interpret the existing names of plants and construct new names. The glossary in this edition has been greatly expanded, and includes the Greek, Latin, or other source of each plant name. This section also explains the International Codes for both Botanical Nomenclature (2000) and Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants (1995). Paperback; 6 x 8-3/4".

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3421A Gledhill, the Names of Plants, 4th Edition

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