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Raynald Harvey Lemelin, editor

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Catalog #3415, The-Management-of-Insects-in-Recreation-and-Tourism

2013, 353 pages, b/w photos, drawings, tables, graphs. Insects such as cockroaches, mosquitoes and bed-bugs are usually not highly sought among travelers or recreationists. Yet each year, collectors, butterfly enthusiasts, dragonfly-hunters families, and students collect, visit, document and raise insects for recreational purposes. Illustrating a range of human-insect encounters from an interdisciplinary perspective, this book provides the first insight into the booming industry of insect recreation. Case studies and examples demonstrate the appeal of insects, ranging from the captivating beauty of butterflies to the curious fascination of locust swarms, and challenge the notion that animals lacking anthropomorphic features hold little or no interest for humans. The emphasis is on the innovators, the educators, the dedicated researchers and activists who, through collaboration across fields ranging from entomology to sociology and anthropology, have brought insects from the recreational fringes to the forefront of many conservation and leisure initiatives.

The book demonstrates interdisciplinary efforts in insect conservation, expanding the study of insects beyond the usual realms of entomology. It provides insights into a rarely studied area of human-insect interactions, and examines the concepts of animal appeal and charisma, challenging anthropomorphism and entomophobia.

Hardcover: 6-1/4 x 9".

From a Review: "Lemelin has successfully assembled experts in the area of insects, recreation and tourism in this highly informative book on human-insect dynamics. The wide array of carefully chosen case studies will appeal to readers wishing to understand the deep significance of our encounters with insects. The book is sure to change the mind of anyone who has not thought of incorporating insects into their leisure activities and to further inform the millions that already do participate in insect-related recreation. This is a fascinating, much needed interdisciplinary look at not only activities such as butterfly watching and dragonfly hunting, but also their connection to larger issues of biodiversity and conservation."  Diane M. Rodgers, Northern Illinois University

About the Editor: Raynald Harvey Lemelin is an associate professor in the School of Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism at Lakehead University, Canada. His research interests focus around human-animal dynamics, originally in the context of polar bear viewing and more recently in examining the human dimensions of insect conservation.

3415 Lemelin, The Management of Insects

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